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I'm working on an AI mainline scenario advised by Daniel Kokotajlo. I advise Sage, an organization I cofounded working on AI explainers and forecasting tools. I'm a guest fund manager at the Long Term Future Fund.

I previously worked at Ought on the AI research assistant Elicit and for a few months contracting with SaferAI on AI risk assessment.


I'm interested in judgmental forecasting as a route to improved decision making. I recommend Superforecasting for an introduction, but I think it overclaims in some ways (e.g. regarding generalists vs. expertise). I co-lead the Samotsvety Forecasting team. My forecasting track record is described here. Some takes on forecasting/epistemics interventions as of March 2024 here.

AI Research

During my last year of college, I co-created TextAttack, a Python framework for adversarial attacks in NLP. See the paper or blog post. We also published a paper arguing for stricter evaluation of adversarial examples in NLP. While at Ought, I co-created the RAFT Benchmark.

Effective Altruism and AI Alignment

I'm part of the effective altruism movement, which aims to use reason and evidence to improve the world as much as possible. I've taken the Giving What We Can Pledge to donate at least 10% of my lifetime income to charities I think are the most effective, and ideas I learned about due to effective altruism have had a large impact on my career decisions. I've decided to work on increasing the chance AI goes really well because I think it's very important, and also interesting. I view technical AI alignment as part of the broader project to make AI go well.


Some writing I've (co-)authored that I am happiest about:


I have degrees in computer science and economics from the University of Virginia, 2019 NCAA basketball national champions!



I competed in Battlecode for several years, a competition for high-school and college students to program the best bot to win a strategy game. My team advanced to the top 4 3 out of 6 years. See the README here for more.

Clash Royale

During the end of high school and beginning of college, I played a lot of Clash Royale, a mobile game. I did well in a few competitions and built up a bit of a following before quitting.


During middle school and early in high school, I spent a lot of time solving Rubik's cubes as fast as I could (and doing them one-handed and blindfolded). My WCA profile is here; I was decent but not world class.